Our Team

Dana Acklin

The Queen of Marley's Kingdom!

Dana has many years of personal and professional experience working with animals.  She's the best around!

She is certified in pet CPR and first aid, and has a certification from Dog Tec Academy!  

Zeke Acklin

Zeke runs our security team, but he might be a tad too friendly for the job.  

His hobbies are cuddling and chasing the shadows of birds and large insects, oh and naps... loves naps!

Joe Acklin

Joe is usually the man behind the curtain but he loves to help out in the field when he can.

He works as a software engineer during the day and helps out with the accounting and tech needs for Dana at night. 

Emma Acklin

Emma keeps all of us on track.  She makes sure everyone (her mostly) is fed at exactly 5pm or heads will roll!

She's also a fan of snuggling but she HATES being the big spoon!

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