Our Story

Marley was our goofy, fun, and lovable boxer.  To my husband Joe and I, Marley was part of our family.  He was our best friend.

He went with us to get ice cream, groceries, to pet stores, on vacations, you name it, he was with us.  

Sadly, after just 5 years we received a call from the vet.  "We're so sorry, but Marley has been diagnosed with lymphoma."

We both went numb.  The vets were great, and they did what they could, 
but after 2 short months Marley crossed the rainbow bridge.  

We were so heartbroken and shocked that we could do little else but sit on the couch and stare into space. 
We did this for 3 straight days.  We barely spoke, barely ate, and barely slept.

Finally we decided the house was too quiet, and too lonely.  That needed to change... and change it did.
We jumped in with both feet and brought home two of the most adorable boxer puppies you will ever meet.  

We figured Marley was so amazing, and so special, it would take 2 puppies to fill the hole in our hearts.


Zeke and Emma were a much needed distraction from our recent loss.  With them running around terrorizing EVERYTHING, we had much less time to be sad.  Even in those times when it's quiet, and you're lying in bed with nothing but your thoughts, and you start to feel sad you would stop, and think, is that my heart beating fast?  Oh no, that's Emma scurrying around under the bed... and now she's stuck because she has grown faster than her mind can keep up with.  "Joe, wake up, you have to help me lift up the bed.  Emma is stuck again".


We had another bit of good news that Summer.  Joe's brother Mark was home from college and agreed to stay with us to help out. This was a huge help, and meant we didn't have to crate our new tiny, furry family members during the day.  

Joe and I would come home from work to find Mark utterly exhausted, and like a TV housewife 
he would yell "I've had enough, they are your problem now!", and then he would retire to his room for the evening. 


Mark wasn't exaggerating.  Zeke and Emma were, and still are FULL of life, and exhausting to chase around all day.  

During this time we realized how valuable it was to have someone there with them during the day.
We wanted nothing more to do this ourselves, but our work kept us away.

Marley didn't have this privilege.  Marley had to be crated during the day, which always seemed unfair to me.  

I didn't realize at the time, but these thoughts were the formation of what would eventually become Marley's Kingdom.  

I want everyone to have a "Mark" to watch over their companion during the day. 

When the necessary daily grind forces you away, I want you to know that someone is looking after your pet, just like I want to know that someone is watching over mine.

I want you to have someone to walk them, let them stretch their legs, go potty, have a few laughs.  
A friend to stop by and say hi, and let them know they are loved. 


Let me be that friend to you and your pets.  

Dana Acklin

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