Our combination collars are an innovative custom design that give you the best of both worlds. 

Like our Martingale collars, the combo collars will tighten when your dog pulls or attempts to slip out which is both a safety feature and a training aide.  Our combo collars also have a buckle like our classic collars. 


This provides another way to remove the collar when not in use.  Like us, our pets come in all shapes and sizes, and the shape of 
some animals neck in relation to the shape of their head can make sliding the collar over their ears uncomfortable.  

The buckle solves this problem.  

Also note that some boarding facilities require all collars to have a buckle style release for safety reasons, so if that's a concern this is the collars style you should consider. 

Like our other designs, you have some choice in width and style.  Click which one you prefer below.

Also, if you can't find something you have send an email to dana ( and we'll try and help you find it!



These have the same ribbon base as the standard martingale's but with the added safety release of the buckle. 



Very similar to the martingale variety fabric collars, but with the buckle release added.